73 Kitchen Hacks to Save Time, Get Organized, and Stay Sane

So perhaps you suppose you’ve bought all of it discovered. You’re the MacGyver of the kitchen—spatula in a single hand, two eggs within the different. Crack, separate, and plop goes the egg within the bowl… with a little bit of shell. The horror! What do you do? Trace: Utilizing a spoon or your fingers isn’t the reply. Fortunately, now we have an answer to your egg quandary (quantity 10) plus fast fixes to tons of different meals prepping, cooking, and baking predicament, from pitting a nectarine to softening butter the straightforward method. We’ve hacked your kitchen—put together to have your thoughts blown(even when just a bit bit).

Meals Storage

Sliced Potatoes

1. Maintain potatoes white

Cowl shredded or diced potatoes with chilly water earlier than cooking to stop the spuds from turning that gross grayish/brown brought on by the discharge of a starch that makes them oxidize.

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